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CTA??? Small businesses, be aware!

In case you haven't heard, starting this year (2024), you may be required to comply with the Corporate Transparency Act ("CTA")! 

The CTA is a law aimed at enhancing transparency in corporate ownership and preventing the illicit use of anonymous shell companies for money laundering and terrorist financing. Companies, except for publicly traded or otherwise heavily regulated ones, must report beneficial ownership information to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN").

This information includes the identities of beneficial owners, who directly or indirectly own or control 25% or more of the company's ownership interests. FinCEN collects and maintains this information in a non-public database accessible to authorized government agencies for law enforcement and national security purposes.


Failure to file could result in $10,000 fines and up to two years in prison. Avoid all the stress and pressure of this process and make sure you stay compliant. Please register for a Tax Advisory service that will do just that. 

Click here and visit this page and we will make sure you are taken care of. 

Contact Ken Givens for more details or help.  512-848-1069                     

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