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Is seamless POS to Accounting Software Integration Possible?

We specialize in Accounting, Inventory, and Employee Management With Your POS or Ecommerce System!

Are you a Plumber, Electrician, HVAC company, Trade Show, Pest Control Company, etc.?

We can offer mobile phone apps to take payments, with inventory, trip routing, invoicing, marketing and more!

Accepting Business and Government Cards?

If you take business credit cards, you can qualify for better rates. B2B transactions don’t have to cost you more!

Needing E-Commerce?

Online stores with customer management and built-in CRM, order taking syncs with retail inventory.


CPA's and Attorneys who send links to get paid or embed in the invoices, we have software for your needs, with reminders to pay etc...

For Business On-The-Go
Phone Swipe is a free app and free credit card reader that transforms your Smartphone or tablet into a mobile point-of-sale terminal.


For Restaurants & Bars
Our team has the experience, industry recognition, and practical background to help you with your unique applications.


For Retail Stores

Retailers can choose the right point of sale system for their business if they first understand the options.


For Non-Profits & Churches

Churches and Non-Profit organizations have unique payment requirements, just like for-profit entities. We help to make donation management easy.

For Online Businesses
Our Payment Gateway allows a secure connection between your website’s e-Store and your merchant bank processing network.

For High Risk or Poor Credit Businesses
We know your businesses deserves the best low-cost payment processing available. When other banks and processors won't help you, WE WILL.  All industries including MMJ, CBD, Firearms, Ammunition, Credit Repair, Neutraceuticals, Auctions, Sweepstakes, Gaming, Cryptocurrency and many others

Stop Paying Processing Fees, Increase Your Profit 4%
All businesses can completely eliminate the fees paid for processing payments and follow all Visa MasterCard American Express payment rules.  STOP paying swipe fees, even if you are not a face-to-face business environment! Save up to 4% and increase your bottom line profit!

NAB Edge Cash Discount

Ken Givens Can Teach Payment Security and Fraud Prevention Seminars To Your Staff

Want more answers? It's easy to talk with us...

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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