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Elevate your business with Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency payments


Did you know that you can capture a new market of customers just by accepting cryptocurrency? In a recent survey of merchants who accept cryptocurrency, it was discovered that 40% of customers who pay with cryptocurrency are new customers to a business.

We’re offering you a risk-free way to accept cryptocurrency payments. If you sell your product for $50, you’ll get $50 in USD, less a small transaction fee.

  • Increase your sales!

  • A new, untapped revenue stream with a new customer base.

  • Thousands of people have cryptocurrency but can’t find a place to spend it.

  • Offer multiple cryptocurrencies alongside your traditional payment methods.

  • Easy integration with many point of sale systems

  • Reduced processing costs

  • Ability to enable refunds

  • Accept cryptocurrency payments from any e-wallet

  • Accept cryptocurrency payments online, in-store and via invoice

  • Cross-border transactions

It’s free to sign up, and you don’t pay anything until you’ve been paid. It’s that simple

or let us know if you’d like to see a demo of the platform and how it can increase your business and bring in new customers. Email or call (512) 848-1069



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