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Gain 2X Efficiency, 3X On-Time Payments, & 4X Customer Loyalty for Your Business

Industry Specific CRM and Business Sales Management Software will AMAZE You and Your Customers!

Use CRM Payments to Streamline the Sales Cycle and Delight Your Customers

When you have a CRM (customer relationship manager), it can be connected with your sales, service, marketing, and operations software. Your CRM can power your entire business and improve efficiency, collections, and customer relationships.

Even track inventory, auto-update re-orders, sync with accounting, track employees, commissions, and hours, schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, track service status, auto-build quotes and invoices, etc.

Rather than using a bunch of disconnected tools across your business, specific industry software tools connect your e-commerce, customer data, employee info, and payment data in one place. These tools allow you to offer leads and customers streamlined and delightful buying experiences.

By integrating payments and CRM, you'll experience several benefits depending on your tool — here are some examples.

  • Give customers the ability to purchase and pay via your website, email, text, QR code, etc.

  • Customize the checkout process with relevant contact details automatically saved and pulled from your CRM.

  • Set up automated workflows and triggers for completed or unfulfilled payments, cart abandonments, and more.

  • Add payment links (recurring or one-time) to your quotes so customers can transact at that moment.

  • Allow customers to pay invoices via their online portals.

  • Integrate your CRM, e-commerce business, and other tools for an efficient and seamless user experience.

  • Provide different teams within your business (e.g., sales, marketing, and service) with the contact and payment data they need about every customer (including purchase history and payment activity).

How does integrating payments and CRM benefit your customers?

It allows customers to make real-time payments while talking with a sales rep, reviewing a quote, or clicking a shareable one-time or recurring payment link.

Integration means less time and effort your customers need when making a purchase.

A CRM with built-in payments also often gives customers the ability to securely pay via a method of their choice. For instance, it comes with layers of security meant to protect payment information and encrypt and tokenize buyer payment credentials so unauthorized people can't access a customer's information.

Again, these features may look different based on which CRM you use, but here are some examples of the benefits of CRM payment processing.

  • They can pay faster and easier, less friction.

  • Customers have the ability to pay using their preferred method.

  • Customers can pay from your website, email, or chat.

  • Ensure their payments remain secure.

  • Customers set up automatic payments.

  • They can pay a monthly statement with a large number of invoices or/and orders.

  • Reduces their chance of payment errors by sticking to only one system and no manual data entry.

  • Payment when the customer accepts a quote, not after waiting several weeks to receive a check in the mail.

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