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Happy With Your Payment Processor? Earn Mailbox Money for Friendly Referrals

So, you’re satisfied with your payment processor!    Why?  

Well, they answer the phone when you call, have friendly local support, stay in touch, and keep costs as low as possible. 


But… what if there was a way to leverage your great experience and earn Cash and ongoing passive income? 

Welcome to our Friends and Family Referral Program

(yes, it was a MCI slogan back in the day).


Passive Income 101

Muck like planting a seed, you tell a business who is having heartburn when they talk about their existing payment processing, that Ken Givens can help get them in a much better and lower cost payment service.    And, the good news, their sales generates income to you even while you sleep (yes, literally while you sleep).


Friends and Family Referral programs are a fantastic way to tap into this concept. Many companies offer incentives for recommending their services to others. You share your positive experience, your friend benefits from a great product, and you both get rewarded.


Why Recommend What You Love?

The key to successful Friends and Family Referrals lies in authenticity. Recommending something you genuinely enjoy builds trust with your friends and ensures they'll have a positive experience too. Here's why it works:

  • Genuine passion is contagious – When you rave about a service or product, your enthusiasm shines through. Your friends are more likely to trust your recommendation because it comes from a place of genuine experience.  Talk about what you like.

  • Win-win situations build relationships – Wouldn't you rather introduce your friends to something that enhances their lives than a random product you barely know about? Faceless services like Stripe, Paypal, etc… have no relationship and are not interested in the person behind the business. Friend and Family Referrals create positive associations between you and the service, strengthening your connections. And Ken Givens is the face you can trust with your referrals!

  • Companies value loyal customers – Referred customers tend to be more engaged and have higher retention rates. This makes companies happy to reward you for spreading the word. 


Friend Referral Powerhouses: Where to Look

The beauty of friend referrals is their versatility. You can leverage them in almost any industry you already use and enjoy. With our payment processing, you can help businesses in many areas that you already know,  and that you purchase from. From the local deli to the plumber to the attorney or non profit, they know you and want to learn from  your experience.  Think of your Friend and Family who need improvements in the following:

·       Retail / Inventory point of sale

·       Restaurant pay at table POS

·       Ecommerce / Online ordering and payments

·       Mobile / Off site services

·       Hospitality / Lodging

·       Pay at Pump Fuel stations

·       Recurring Subscription transactions

·       ACH checking account drafting,

·       BNPL / Financing /  Payment terms

·       Business loans / Cash Receivable advances

·       Gift Card / Reward card programs

·       Cryptocurrency acceptance with guaranteed value

·       ATM’s sales and service, including cash loading

·       And even EV Charging stations with credit card payments built in.


Making the Most of Friend  and Family Referrals

Now that you're armed with the knowledge, here are some tips to maximize your friend referral earnings:

  • Be Selective: Recommend only services you genuinely love and believe will benefit your friends. This builds trust and promotes a positive experience for everyone.  If we aren’t providing you with that positive feeling, give Ken Givens a call and tell him what would make your relationship with payment acceptance better.

  • Tailor Your Recommendations: Consider your friend's interests and needs when recommending services. A HVAC Air Conditioning repair may not need the same services at Hotel would want.  A take-out deli may not need the same as a full service café.

  • Share Clearly and Concisely: Make it easy for your friends to access our information at   There is a referral contact form that can be completed, just tell them to expect Ken Givens  to call.  Explain the benefits they'll receive and how to get started. Use social media, email, or even a casual conversation to spread the word.   Ask, how do you like paying Visa Mastercard fees and what would it be like to call a local number for support?

  • Be Transparent: Let your friends know you'll receive a reward for referring them. Transparency builds trust and shows you're not just pushing a product for personal gain.  If they know  they may want to get in on the Friends and Family Referral program too.



We will keep track of the referrals and pay you $100 up to $500, and after the 5th referral, you get 10% of the ongoing profit they generate, for as long as they process with us. Our average account stays with us for over 5 years. Imagin earning $50 or $100 every month for


Remember: Friend and Family referrals are about building relationships and sharing the good stuff. Don't come across as pushy or salesy. Focus on the value your friends will receive and the positive impact the service can have on their lives.  Tell them how we helped your business with payments or how we offered to reduce your costs or improve your technology and equipment.


By leveraging Friends and Family Referrals, you can turn your network into a passive income stream. It's a win-win situation for you, your friends, and the companies you love. So, start spreading the word about our amazing services and watch your passive mailbox money earnings grow.



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