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Parking Lot Owners Create Passive Income

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Paying for parking via text and QR Codes enables tourists and visitors to park and conveniently pay using their smartphones while providing the lot owner and managers with real time data, income from parking they had not experienced before, and enforcement tools to keep lots profitable. No apps to download, no complicated instructions, and no expensive gate or lot entry equipment to maintain. Simply the easiest way for a parking lot owner to increase income with zero overhead, and only a small investment in signage.

Visitors wanting to park simply text a number or take a picture of a qr code on signage in the lot, that takes them to a secure web page where they enter basic information to confirm their parking space, vehicle info, and safely pay by card. Auto-reminders can even keep the 'parker' paid up without having to go back to the lot or their vehicle, since it is all done in the cloud

Lot owners can sell prepaid validations to area businesses needing places for their patrons to park, and the local business needs no expensive equipment to install or maintain. Enrolling area stores into the parking program is simple and adds additional income by pre-selling validations for the shoppers. Even monthly parking for local employees can be handled simply and effectively.

As with any self parking systems, enforcement is important and simple. Using a free ISO or Android app, the enforcement can be made remotely, and even citations be issued for offenders. The parking manager can even set different rates for various days and times, even special event or early bird pricing.

If you operate a parking lot...

1. Have you considered turning your empty parking spaces into a money-making parking lot?

2. Have you experienced parkers using your lot after hours, for free, and taking advantage of your property?

3. Have you thought about eliminating the pay machines, parking attendant, or cash box?

Ask for a free consultation that could turn 'dead' parking space into passive income

Credits to Text2Park



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